Acorn Green

The launch of Acorn Green represents our commitment to the implementation of the best possible design and technologies to further drive down the carbon footprint of our homes, moving towards long-term sustainable housing in communities.

As we have always done, each development we design and build is looked at on its own merits. There is no standard layout or design and this approach also applies to sustainability. As technology evolves, so do our homes. The way in which we live is constantly changing and Acorn’s innovative thinking ensures we can respond in a proactive way.

Our Vision

Acorn Green represents our unique holistic approach to carbon reduction and our commitment to creating inspiring new communities which fulfil the current and future needs of our residents’ whilst respecting and protecting our environment.


This Is Intelligent Building

The homes we create are all ‘Different By Design’, that means we pride ourselves on thinking differently – approaching each and every project individually with a holistic approach on how we can maximise sustainability and move forwards positively towards the production of zero carbon housing design.


The Journey To Net-Zero Carbon

In line with our focus to reduce carbon emissions associated with the design, build and function of our homes, we have also embarked on a journey with the end goal of making the operational side of our business net-zero carbon.


Working With Green Partners

With our impact on the environment being at the forefront of our minds, we are thrilled to be working with some fantastic companies who care about sustainability and climate change as much as we do.