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Urban Village collection

A blend of city and rural living, often with tree-lined avenues and eclectic high streets, these hip urban villages are little cultural oases with a fantastic community feel.
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Rural collection

Idyllic countryside, stretching for miles across hills and wooded valleys. The distant murmur of rural life, with birds crying overhead or cows lowing to their young, occasionally interrupted by a passing car or a tractor, harvesting crops. Rural living enables you to switch off from the hectic pace of modern life and reconnect with nature, in our 'green and pleasant land'.
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SE1 collection

Stretching from Vauxhall Bridge to St Saviours Dock and encompassing the South Bank, Tower Bridge, Bermondsey area, Borough Market and Southwark, SE1 has undergone a regenerative revolution in recent decades and is now one of London's most desirable postcodes.
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Coastal collection

Rolling waves crashing on shifting sands, the call of seagulls wheeling overhead. Picturesque seaside towns, nestled around quaint harbours. The soft chiming of yacht sheets against their masts and they are caught in a gentle breeze. Our memories of childhood holidays and the pull of the sea draw many people back to our beautiful and varied coastline.
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City collection

Cities are cultural melting pots. Thriving arts scenes, vibrant nightlife, a plethora of tempting eateries and artisanal cafes, a wide choice of high street and independent shops, all served by excellent transport links offer the best in cosmopolitan living.
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