The Benefits of Re-using Existing Buildings

Our commitment to re-using existing buildings is part of what makes Acorn unique as a bespoke housebuilder in the UK.

We pride ourselves on each Acorn development being individually and intelligently designed and built to the highest quality – our vision is to ensure that everything we do has a positive impact and contribution to the local surroundings, creating a true sense of place and an inclusive community where residents and nature can grow and flourish long after we complete our role in the building of the scheme.

We look at each site individually and holistically, so in contrast to a lot of other housebuilders where a one size fits all approach to carbon reduction suits their work, we are totally bespoke. Our key USP within this is our commitment to re-using existing buildings – as Carl Elefante, former president of the American Institute of Architects Consumer and Trade press once said – “the greenest building is the one that already exists” – studies have suggested that it takes between 10 and 80 years for a new building that is 30% more efficient than an average-performing existing building to overcome the negative climate change impacts related to the construction process. We’re unique in this sense – many other UK housebuilders wouldn’t take on the challenges that we embrace with open arms. This is something we’ve been doing for many years and our Acorn Green initiative will strive to help residents easily understand what green living really means from an Acorn perspective.

Find out more about Acorn Green and the use of existing buildings from our Design Director and Acorn Green Ambassador, Julian Hampson in this short film:

We are very excited to have commenced our journey to play our part in protecting our planet for generations to come.

Find out more about our journey to net-zero-carbon, here.