Green Partners

With our impact on the environment being at the forefront of our minds, we are thrilled to be working with some fantastic companies who care about sustainability and climate change as much as we do:

Johnson Tiles

The UK’s leading manufacture of ceramic tiles.

As well as actively promoting the efficient use of all materials, supplies, energy and transport, they also pledge to minimise the waste from all parts of the company’s operations. Wherever possible, waste materials are recycled. By purchasing second-hand pallets and repairing damaged ones, they save approx. 10,000 trees and year and they’ve removed all plastic shrink-wrap from their product boxes. To help with the reduction of CO2 emissions, they’ve changed from twice-fired technology to single-fired technology and installed a waste heat recovery system to their largest kilns. Johnson Tiles hold many awards for their green practices and have featured in the ’Sunday Times Best Green Companies’ list multiple times.

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High performance design-led window and door systems.

Internorm’s window and door systems enhance thermal efficiency, soundproof and security. Their triple glazed window systems are Passive House certified and are manufactured in a range of materials. Intelligent sun protection allows sufficient daylight supply without glare or overheating, reducing the need (and energy use) for artificial light and cooling.

The residual materials from the production process are collected and recycled. They continue to further develop their materials. Operational waste heat is used from their processes to provide heating for their factories and offices and their hot water is produced from solar energy.

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Crown Paint

A household name in paint manufacturers with a 200-year history

In 2008 Crown launched ‘earthbalance’ their award-winning sustainability programme which represents their commitment to be more sustainable and less wasteful. After surpassing their electricity reduction target, they have been setting measured targets to reduce their water usage and Greenhouse Gas emissions. In 2013 they launched a ground-breaking paint recycling scheme ‘Kick Out The Can’ where homeowners can take any unwanted paint to their decorating stores. The unwanted paint is reprocessed, reused, recycled, and donated to charitable projects around the UK.

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Worcester Bosch

Pioneering manufacturers of energy efficient heating and hot water solutions

Creating a comfortable environment for us all through warmth, Worcester Bosch is leading the way in making heating our homes more and more economical. Creators of the combi boiler, they provided a space saving solution for smaller homes, their condensing boiler contributed hugely to increasing efficiency, lowering fuel bills, and saving millions of tonnes of carbon per year. Ever evolving, they are now working with the Government at the forefront of the development and introduction of hydrogen boilers and carbon free heating.

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