Our Vision

Acorn Green represents our unique holistic approach to carbon reduction and our commitment to creating inspiring new communities which fulfil the current and future needs of our residents’ whilst respecting and protecting our environment.

Each Acorn development is individually and intelligently designed and built to the highest quality, ensuring that they each have a positive impact and contribution to the local surroundings, creating a true sense of place and an inclusive community where residents and nature can grow and flourish long after we complete our role in the building of the scheme.

We are continually exploring how we can move nearer towards our zero-carbon goal. Our construction teams are striving towards creating our first zero-carbon housetypes and are implementing further use of lower-carbon materials.

We are making steps towards having smart systems and smart meters installed as standard as well as working with local authorities on future provision for district heating.

More native planting and trees are being incorporated into sites. Not only does this benefit our residents as higher levels of oxygen are produced, but additional planting will also contribute to wildlife and biodiversity.

Watch our video to find out more:

“The greenest building is the one that already exists”

Many of our schemes involve re-using existing buildings. The environmental benefits of repairing, refurbishing and saving buildings from demolition are huge, minimising disruption to the local community, reducing pollution and ensuring the best use of natural resources.

Using existing buildings rather than demolishing and building new structures preserves their embodied energy, decreasing primary energy use and, therefore CO2 emissions.

Take a look at some of our latest examples: