Migration to Greener Living: The Rise of Residential Solar Energy

August 30, 2022

With this winter’s dramatic increase in energy costs looming, it’s no surprise that more buyers are prioritising sustainability when considering purchasing a new home. According to Rightmove’s recently released Green Homes Report, 62% of homeowners would consider installing solar panels on their property. With many of our forthcoming properties designed with solar panels as standard, we take a closer look at the benefits of this long-established green technology.

1) Solar panels can help you save money on energy costs

The energy cost savings generated from solar panels, also known as photovoltaic or PV panels, depend on a variety of factors including system size, the area you live in, electricity usage and more. Based on the Energy Price Guarantee for a standard variable tariff, a typical 10 panel PV array can generate 4,147* kWh of energy and when used in conjunction with battery storage could save homeowners up to £1,410 annually. A huge incentive for buyers to prioritise finding an energy efficient home.

2) Solar panels can increase the value of your home

Buyers are increasingly interested in homes that come with solar panels installed. For example, The Eco Experts estimate that solar panels add around 4.1% to a home’s value which mean homeowners could make thousands of pounds in return, as well as the property becoming more attractive to buyers in the future. With PV solar panels included as standard to many of our homes including our exciting St. Leonards Quarter scheme coming soon to Exeter, you can reap the rewards of this green feature for many years to come without the hassle of arranging the installation yourself.

3) Solar energy is a source of renewable energy

As solar energy is harnessed from the sun, its power source is limitless as long as the sun exists. Solar energy lessens the strain on finite fossil fuels and cuts down energy used from the grid enabling homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and help fight climate change. By having solar panels, you will gain a better EPC score, another key consideration to potential buyers as outlined in Rightmove’s recent Green Homes Report which revealed that EPC B rated houses have overtaken D rated houses for the first time in terms of buyer speed. Additionally, producing electricity from solar power doesn’t produce any harmful emissions, making it a clean and green source of energy. With all homes rated EPC B and PV solar panels installed to selected properties, discover a sustainable new future at our award-winning scheme, The Old Printworks in Frome.

4) Solar panels are durable and long-lasting 

Technology is continuously improving, meaning solar panels have a longer lifespan than ever before. Renewable Energy Hub suggests that if you take you take good care of your solar panels, they can “easily” last over 40 years from the date of installation. For example, carrying out regular maintenance checks, cleaning and avoiding any physical damage to the surface of the panels will help to preserve them for longer. However, in general they require very little maintenance, meaning you won’t have to spend a lot of money keeping them in good condition, making them a wise investment for the long term.

5) Solar panels can help you become more self-sufficient

With solar panels, you have the ability to generate your own electricity right from your roof. This means you no longer have to rely on the grid for all of your electrical needs and you can break the shackles of big power companies and their surging prices. Many of our coming soon schemes will give purchasers the opportunity to add a battery as an optional extra which enables you to store the energy generated for use when you need it later as opposed to it going straight back to the grid. With rising energy costs, this is a great way for customers to take back control.

For more information on our sustainability commitment and journey to net zero housing, head to our Acorn Green page.


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